Enjoy clear vision for reading.

Dr Tony Stubbs provides a special service for cataract surgery. Dr. Tony Stubbs employs the latest techniques, including small incision, sutureless wounds and state-of-the-art foldable lens implants, which reduce the stress of the procedure, speeds recovery times and results in crisp, clear vision that approaches that of a young adult.

Each patient undergoes thorough assessment and checking before the surgery, with all the crucial measurements being performed by Dr. Tony Stubbs himself. In some centers, a technician performs these vital measurements, whereas Dr. Stubbs takes full responsibility of your care from the first consultation through to surgery. This provides an insight into the expected refractive outcome and guarantees the best possible result. In order to achieve the highest standard in a world class service, Dr. Stubbs has the latest equipment, including the Zeiss IOL Master that measures the length of the eye without any contact. This is now regarded as the gold standard for length measurements of the eye. He also performs two separate measurements for the curve of the cornea, in order to minimise any errors. These results are then used to calculate the correct implant lens strength, in order to give the best vision achievable. Most patients report that they gained improvement in their vision following surgery that they can only remember having as a young adult.

Dr. Stubbs uses the current “state of the art” design implants. That reduce aberrations in the eye, just like an expensive camera lens improves the quality of your photographs.

Dr. Stubbs feels that the long term safety and excellent results from your cataract surgery are the most important measures of successful eye surgery.

Dr. Stubbs is part of a long tradition in Cataract Surgery, since 1963, when his father was the first eye surgeon in Australia to regularly implant intraocular lenses. At that stage, most eye surgeons simply removed the cataractous lens and left the patient with very thick spectacles that produced poor quality vision and disabling aberrations. Dr. Stubbs senior contributed to the world knowledge at international meetings in establishing safe implant surgery, which all eye surgeons benefit from now.

As technology changes and techniques become more and more refined, Dr. Tony Stubbs maintains skill levels with regular attendance at international conferences and regular discussions with colleagues.

Dr. Tony Stubbs aims to provide vision that is appropriate to the individual patient’s needs, whether it be playing golf or bowls, or a patient who spends a great deal of time reading. Dr. Stubbs listens carefully to every patient’s lifestyle and circumstances, in order to provide the most appropriate lens implant result to suit their needs. Furthermore, the two eyes are carefully balanced so that they complement each other and provide the greatest range of vision possible, also employing the latest eye implants to achieve this effect. Most of Dr. Tony Stubbs’s patients manage day-to-day vision with little or no dependence on glasses. Poor lighting conditions and fine work, of course, will require glasses and arrangements are made for this following surgery.

Where would I have Surgery?

Dr. Stubbs offers insured patients care at the Victoria Parade Day Surgery Centre in East Melbourne, where the best equipment and nursing staff provide the highest standard of care.

What if I have astigmatism?

Many patients with glasses also have astigmatism and Dr. Stubbs has a special interest in correcting astigmatism.

In order to thoroughly assess the eye, Dr. Stubbs performs corneal topography, which makes a relief map of the surface of the cornea, much like a geographical map of a mountain range. Everybody’s cornea is unique and by performing corneal topography, Dr. Stubbs is better able to understand how he can optimise the outcome from cataract and refractive surgery.