Improve your vision with implantable lenses.

Dr Tony Stubbs provides the latest safe and proven innovations in refractive surgery. Younger patients with high refractive errors, and who cannot tolerate their thick glasses or contact lenses may benefit from implantable lenses, such as the Artisan implantable lens. This can also correct astigmatism and provide patients who are unsuitable for laser with a safe refractive solution.

Older patients, who are no longer able to accommodate for near, may well find that PRELEX, or presbyopic lens exchange, can provide them with the best refractive solution in the very long term, and this also avoids the development of visual symptoms of cataracts later in life. Dr. Tony Stubbs regularly review patients who had cataract surgery with intra ocular lens implants performed by his late father, Dr. G Maxwell Stubbs, 30 or 40 years ago, and the implants remain perfect, safely inside the eye.

One of the main benefits of the implantable lens is that, if the refractive state of the eye changes, the lens can be removed and replaced with a different lens.

PRELEX is now a straightforward procedure and utilises all the techniques that have been well-tried and tested with conventional cataract surgery. Thorough assessment of the eye is necessary before contemplating any of these techniques and this can be performed with Dr. Stubbs.